Thanks for checking out our “cosmetic second” sheets! Hopefully this page will help you decide…

We also have “seconds” mattresses here.


 [updated May 31]


Any Available Right Now?

We will keep this page updated with our exact stock of seconds, so you can decide whether this is something you are interested in… when someone claims one, we will take it off this page as soon as possible.

How Much?

They vary a bit ($8 to $15 plus shipping), by condition… we want everyone to get a good value for their money.

What’s the Deal with These?

Some are brand new but where we detected a small problem during our QA; some may be a return which was obviously not used but which we can’t sell as “new” anymore. (Some folks buy it without checking whether it will fit, then immediately return it.)

Since we as a company want to be good to the Earth, we would much rather have someone use these rather than sending them to the landfill — even if we lose some money on each “second”… so we price these to cover our shipping cost plus a portion of our production cost… better than throwing them out, and you get a good price on a sheet which should still give you great results.

OK, How do I Get One?

Just contact us and let us know which one you might be interested in, and where to ship it… I’ll let you know how much it would cost with shipping so you can decide.

If you decide to proceed, we’ll send you an invoice to the email address you specify so that you can pay online securely (we never see your credit card info… it’s handled directly by our accounting system).

We will always try to ship by the next day after payment.

Other Questions?

Give us a shout!

Thanks! We are a family owned and operated business and your support means the world to us!


Currently Available Seconds

Crib #1 — $12 plus shipping**

Unused return; looks great except for a few small marks on the liner and a light streak on top.

crib1_1 crib1_2

Crib #2 — $15 plus shipping**

Unused return; looks great to me!


Crib #3 — $15 plus shipping**

Unused return; looks great to me!


Crib #4 — $12 plus shipping**

Unused return; one hem is a bit messy (but should hold up just fine). Otherwise looks great.



Pack-n-Play (25″ width) — No “seconds” right now; but I have new ones on hand available for $12 each with purchase of a “seconds” mattress.**

**These sheets cost about $7 to ship by themselves; so it doesn’t save much money to buy one of these instead of a new one from Amazon… However if you are buying a “seconds” mattress from us I can tuck it into the same box so shipping on these is included. (If you wanted to buy 2, shipping would be about the same so in that case it would save you some money over buying new from Amazon.)